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EDI® Raffia Tape and Slit Film Dies

EDI raffia tape dies can be supplied with multiple different configurations, based on processor specifications.


  • Versatile design allows for smooth or grooved film



  • Die widths are typically between 915mm (36") and 2032mm (80") and are used with extruders in the 35mm (1.4") to 152mm (5.9") range
  • Autoflex automatic or manual gauge control
  • Available die configurations include:
    • Flexible upper lip for gauge profiling and a fixed lower lip
    • Two removable lower lips that accommodate changes from smooth to grooved raffia tape
    • Reversible lower lip (serrated feature on one side and smooth on the opposite side of the lip)
    • Two reversible lips that provide the option of producing highly fibrillated tape such as that used to make twine or rope
  • Full System Solution: EDI Ultraflow™ Coextrusion Feedblocks