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Xaloy® Twin Barrels

Xaloy bimetallic twin barrels, manufactured by the leader in bimetallic barrel technology, meet or surpass OEM specifications on dimensions, straightness and parallelism.


  • Extended work life through superior resistance to wear 
  • Increased throughput and product quality through precision fit between screw and barrel for a longer period of time and optimum screw-barrel compatibility
  • Improved productivity



  • Precision engineered barrels with superior chemical and physical properties for full range of process environments
  • Optimum wear solutions with broadest offering of alloys from general purpose to the most complex applications for all resins
  • High quality proprietary backing steel for less inherent stress, better straightness during heat cycles for the ultimate in strength and straightness
  • Computer controlled furnace ensuring correct casting, preparation and repeatability, uniform bimetallic carbide distribution and maximized hard surfacing compatibility