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Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating

The Xaloy SmartHeat™ Coating is an innovative heater coating where plasma is sprayed to the barrel, which virtually eliminates melt-stream energy losses, ensures uniform heating and provides responsive control for superior processing.


  • Enhanced product quality and significant reduction of material defects through precise and rapid temperature control
  • Increased productivity due to elimination of heater band maintenance
  • Faster start-up and reduced cycle times
  • Reduced downtime through easy to clean surfaces
  • Maximized operator safety with elimination of exposed wires and cool-to-the-touch surface
  • Improved ROI  
  • Improved process control
  • Superior energy savings, 30-60% compared to typical heater bands
  • Easy installation 

  • Elimination of melt pipe band heaters and all their maintenance
  • Integrated uniform heating system as part of the barrel without exposed wires
  • Robust metallized-ceramic heater coating plasma-sprayed to the exterior surface of the barrel
  • Cool-to-the-touch, non-stick surface
  • Standard thermocouples for easy installation
  • Optional high efficiency thermal insulation