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Hot Melt

Whether it is designing single components or integrating elaborate systems, Nordson has the ability to provide engineered solutions that take your Hot Melt application to its maximum level of performance.  Hot Melt

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Ultracoat™ HM™ Hot Melt Coating Solution

Polymer Processing Systems

The Ultracoat™ HM™ hot melt coating solution offers superior accuracy, making possible raw material savings.

Fluid Coating/Hot Melt Die Quote Request

Polymer Processing Systems

Request a quote for a Premier™ Fluid Coating Die.

Solutions for Hot Melt Applications

Polymer Processing Systems

New Gear Pumps Operate More Efficiently, Improve Product Quality And Are Available For All Applications Worldwide

Polymer Processing Systems

New BKG® BlueFlow™ Range Harmonizes Technologies First Developed in Germany and the USA and Incorporates Enhancements for All Polymer and Hot Melt Processes

WRP-35s/36s Pelletizers

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG® water ring pelletizing systems offer a modern, cost-effective method of pelletizing a wide range of unfilled and filled thermoplastic polymers.

SmartHeat™ Coating for Melt Pipes

Polymer Processing Systems

The Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating for melt pipes is a new heater coating allowing tight process control for improved product quality.

BKG Valves_Multiport_English_DS_Rev0

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Pelletizing and Crystallizing System Plays Central Role at Lotte Chemical´s World-Scale PET Resin Plant in England

Polymer Processing Systems

New On-Site Video Shows Nordson’s Energy-Saving BKG® CrystallCut System in Operation, along with Kreyenborg™ POLY Screen Changer for Continuous Melt Throughput

R-Type 250 Recycling Filter

Polymer Processing Systems

The R-Type 250 recycling filter is suitable for highly contaminated applications.

Gear Pumps

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG® high-precision gear pumps convince by their conveyance accuracy and their capacity in pressure build-up at minimum thermal material strain.

Xaloy NanoMixer_English_DS_Rev1

Polymer Processing Systems

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