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About Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson has been dispensing thermoplastic materials since 1964. Plastics manufacturers worldwide rely on Nordson technologies to melt, homogenize, filter, meter, and give shape to plastic and fluid coating materials.  

Through a series of recent acquisitions, Nordson has brought together the best in plastics applications. 

Our polymer processing team leverages more than 200 years of collective corporate experience in the plastics industry to produce a full range of precision melt stream products — from screws and barrels to filtration systems, pumps, and valves for extrusion and injection molding — to the dies used to create film, sheet, coatings and pelletizing systems to meet the constantly evolving needs of the polymer industry.

Nordson uniquely understands all of the components in the melt stream. We draw on this knowledge to help customers by recommending ways to optimize their overall melt stream process, increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance product quality.

With sales organizations in 30 countries, Nordson supports our customers long after a sale is complete, whether it’s by providing ongoing technical services or recommending the best products to optimize the melt stream process and reduce costs. 

Nordson believes that innovation is critical to supporting our customers changing technology needs, so that they can drive results for THEIR customers. We continue to invest millions of dollars per year in research and development to offer the best solutions for the high-end processes, equipment and applications that produce plastics. 


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