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XTRAK Plasma Treatment System

The XTRAK® Plasma Treatment System offers flexible configurations for direct, downstream, and downstream ion-free plasma.

The XTRAK® platform provides maximum performance and flexibility for surface treatment of electronic devices. With its innovative handling system, the XTRAK is ideal for applications such as adhesion promotion and contamination removal in a highly automated, in-line manufacturing operation or island configuration.

Multiple Plasma Mode Capability

The system can be configured for direct, downstream and downstream ion-free plasma.

Unique to the industry, the XTRAK can be configured in the downstream ion-free mode - removing ions, electrons and photons, enabling the chemically active radicals and byproducts to perform the work using oxygen as the source gas. The patented XTRAK-IFP system is ideal for cleaning pre-programmed memory devices when UV exposure may be an issue. Multiple plasma modes allow unrestricted choice of any process gas.

Innovative Handling and Configuration

The XTRAK’s flexible architecture accommodates a wide variety of products, such as single strips, process carriers, and larger, heavier components. Two-strip handling is also available for 6-inch (length) strips or smaller. Product handling reliability and control are ensured with a servo-driven handling system with soft deceleration.

The system operates in both automatic and manual modes, with a multi-processing feature that allows implementation of single or multiple recipes in one operation. By integrating the XTRAK system with loaders, the XTRAK operates in a standalone configuration. It can also run in an island form factor to feed a designated line of equipment, including component attach systems, wire bonders and dispense equipment.

SMART Tune Management System

The XTRAK’s SMART Tune management system provides closed-loop plasma control that optimizes the RF system and minimizes tuning time. The system automatically recycles to a plasma-ready state, compensating for changes in vacuum pressure, temperature and varied lot sizes. Maximum power to the chamber is achieved with a proprietary algorithm that constantly measures forward and reflective power inside the chamber.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, efficient surface treatment and cleaning prior to wire bonding, die attach, encapsulation, conformal coating, underfill and more
  • Uniform plasma treatment across all part surfaces with its three-axis symmetrical chamber design 
  • Proprietary software control with intuitive graphical interface for easy touch-screen programming
  • Ultimate application flexibility for direct, downstream and downstream ion-free plasma treatment
  • Full front access to all interior components allows for convenient maintenance
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