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VIA High Volume Series

Nordson MARCH's VIA series delivers superior plasma treatment uniformity for etch-back, desmear and surface activation of large flexible or rigid panels during PCB manufacturing

Plasma treatment uniformity is a key operational requirement in desmear and etchback applications for HDI, flexible and rigid circuit board manufacturing. Plasma can deliver higher uniformity and reproducibility than chemical or mechanical processes. The VIA series plasma treatment systems utilize a patented plasma technology to produce superior uniformity at high throughputs.

The VIA series for large-panel plasma processing is available in various chamber sizes, with choice of vertical or horizontal panel configurations. Custom configurations are available for large and thick panel requirements.

  • Patented, industry-proven plasma technologies provide superior surface treatment uniformity, prior to lamination, to improve adhesion and reliability
  • Efficient design, economical gas consumption, small footprint, and attractive system pricing all contribute to a low cost of ownership
  • Easy loading and versatile racks allow for maximum throughput
  • Single-stage plasma process and capacity options to enable excellent throughput for a wide range of PCB manufacturing requirements

Models and Configurations

FlexVIA-Plus Plasma Treatment SystemFlexVIA-Plus Plasma Treatment System: The FlexVIA-Plus has a larger plasma chamber than the FlexVIA plasma system. Its advanced horizontal electrode design, with integrated rack, provides optimum material alignment, while the dual-rack chamber accommodates up to thirty 20" x 24" panels in a single cycle, enabling rates of 140-200 units per hour (UPH).

RollVIA Plasma Treatment SystemRollVIA Plasma Treatment System: Nordson MARCH’s RollVIA™ system is specifically configured to meet the demands of today’s most advanced roll-to-roll production PCB manufacturing operations. Plasma treatment uniformity is a key operational feature in surface activation, desmear and etchback applications for flexible circuit board manufacturing technologies. The integrated roll-to-roll material handling system ensures precise control of roll speed, tension, and edge guidance for substrates as thin as 25 µm. Optical based edge guide detection allows for reliable control during rewind operations. Substrate loading is simple with easy access to the load and unload sections via three doors.

MaxVIA Plasma Treatment SystemMaxVIA Plasma Treatment System: The MaxVIA system delivers the most uniform PCB treatment for key applications like desmear and landing pad cleaning during manufacturing of large HDI, flexible and rigid circuit boards. Several factors make the cost of ownership for the MaxVIA plasma treatment system one of the lowest in its class. The system features a compact and service-friendly design. The PCBs are vertically loaded using easy-loading carts, which minimizes idle time and improves productivity. The fast vacuum pump down, low gas consumption, and enhanced process cycle times further add to the throughput and productivity of the system. Equipped with a touch-screen operator interface, the MaxVIA system provides a wide breadth of control capability and data collection.

MaxVIA-Plus Plasma Treatment SystemMaxVIA-Plus Plasma Treatment System: The new MaxVIA-Plus plasma treatment system accommodates larger panel sizes within a small footprint during electronic circuit board fabrication for desmear, etchback, and landing pad cleaning operations. The larger, 15-cell chamber in the MaxVIA-Plus system processes more units per hour (UPH) than the standard MaxVIA.

ProVIA Plasma Treatment SystemProVIA System Plasma Treatment System: The ProVIA plasma treatment system is similar to the MaxVIA but with a slightly smaller chamber. It performs desmear and etch back operations for HDI, flexible and rigid circuit board manufacturing. It incorporates the best of Nordson MARCH's market leading plasma technology combined with application-specific development based on more than 30 years of experience.

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