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FlexTRAK®-SHS Plasma Treatment System

Industry-Leading Throughput and Reliability

Built upon Nordson MARCH’s patented plasma technology, the FlexTRAK®-SHS is our latest fully automated plasma system incorporating a high-capacity F3-S chamber, to provide high uniformity and increased productivity. The chamber architecture remains the same as the smaller FlexTRAK platform, providing a seamless transition between chambers as production demands more capacity. 

The FlexTRAK®-SHS provides:

Industry-Leading Throughput

  • Large capacity F3-S process chamber
  • Simultaneous strip buffering and processing
  • Advanced automation and magazine splitting capabilities

New Product Development

  • Advanced material handling
  • Ability to accommodate increasingly larger strip sizes
  • Sophisticated jam detection

Application Flexibility

  • Plasma chamber effectiveness
  • Configurable process chamber
  • Versatile treatment modes

Key Applications:

  • Pre-wire bond plasma treatment on semiconductor package substrates and lead frames
  • Pre-underfill plasma treatment on flip chip packages 
  • Pre-mold plasma treatment on semiconductor package substrates and lead frames
  • Plasma treatment of semiconductor package substrates and lead frames for improved adhesion 
  • Removal/reduction of oxidation on lead frame
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