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PCB Series Plasma Treatment Systems

This product is no longer sold, but we offer support and spare parts.

Please see the VIA Series for a replacement system.

The completely redesigned PCB series maintains a perfect balance between its predecessor and its successor, the ProVIA plasma system. The chamber is still purely PCB Series inspired, but everything else has adopted VIA Series technology – ranging from the user interface to the PLCs to the controllers.Please see our VIA Series systems for a replacement products.

Designed to Meet Mid-to-High Production Requirements

By sharing similar components and interface, Nordson MARCH is making it easier for customers to transition between plasma systems used in the treatment of PCB panels. The PCB series offers small to medium sized businesses or R&D institutes the ability to process low-volume, high-mixture products.

The PCB series is self-contained, and requires minimal floor space. The chassis houses the plasma chamber, control electronics, 40 kHz RF generator, and automatic matching network. Maintenance access is available from either front or rear access panels.

The plasma chamber is constructed of high-quality aluminum for superior durability. The plasma chamber is designed to process PCBs in 4 separate plasma cells in order to deliver high etch rates together with excellent treatment uniformity.

Desmear, Etch Back, and Surface Activation Capability for a Wide Range of Materials

The PCB series can process rigid and flexible PCB panels of various shapes and sizes, and is suitable for both through hole and blind via applications. The cross-pumping technology disperses the process gases evenly throughput the chamber, improving process uniformity and repeatability.

High Etch Rates with Superior Process Uniformity

The system is designed to accommodate a wide range of process gases to meet every customer’s specific requirements (typical process gases may include Ar, O2, N2, and CF4).Three (3) electronically-controlled mass flow controllers (MFCs) are standard, which enable optimal gas control. An additional two (2) MFCs are available as an option.

Features and Benefits

  • Accommodates multiple panel sizes within a small footprint to consume minimal floor space
  • Updated design and interface, combines features from both PCB and VIA Series plasma systems
  • Cross-pumping configuration ensures even distribution of gas throughout the plasma chamber for enhanced process uniformity
  • Temperature controlled cooling loop integrated into electrodes delivers highly repeatable results
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