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Plasma Prior to Conformal Coating

Why Use Plasma Treatment Prior To Conformal Coating?

Download the The Effects of Plasma Treatment Prior to Conformal Coating White Paper.

Plasma treatment prior to conformal coating addresses these detrimental manufacturing issues:

  • Removes organic contaminants
  • Eliminates flux and mold release residue
  • Enhances surface wettability
  • Enhances lead coverage
  • Improves adhesion

Reliability for certain products can be improved with plasma treatment prior to conformal coating:

  • Medical and surgical devices as well as wellness collection and analysis devices
  • Military, aerospace, and strategic defense electronics
  • Automotive, environmental data collection and analysis, and facility integrity confirmation monitoring

Poor adhesion caused by the following factors can be overcome with plasma treatment prior to conformal coating:

  • RoHS requirements have driven PCB-assembly materials to higher temperature capabilities, but these materials can resist adhesion or cause delamination
  • Fine pitch, high frequency component geometry that requires low dielectric constant (DK) materials, primarily PTFE, which have poor adhesion rates
  • The use of Ni/Pd/Au leads, which can corrode in humid environments and have “knees” that can challenge adhesion success
  • Residual flux and mold release compounds contaminate boards and components, even if there is no visual evidence

Systems for Plasma Prior to Conformal Coating:

Plasma System
# Boards Treated
Minutes to Plasma Treat
AP-300 2 to 8 5 to 7
AP-600 3 to 12 6 to 8
AP-1000 6 to 42 7 to 9
AP-1500 15 to 105 10 to 12
FlexTRAK™ 2 1
FlexTRAK™-S 4 1.25
FlexTRAK™-XL 8 1.5
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