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Plasma Applications

Plasma Prior to Conformal Coating

Plasma Prior to Conformal Coating

Plasma treatment prior to conformal coating addresses several detrimental manufacturing issues, improves reliability for certain products, and overcome factors causing poor adhesion

Wafer-Level Packaging


As semiconductor device manufacturers further shrink the size and increase the reliability of packaged devices, plasma treatment is increasingly used for advanced applications during wafer level…

Semiconductor Packaging


Nordson MARCH has a variety of plasma treatment solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly (ASPA), wafer level packaging (WLP) and micro…

PCB Manufacturing

Printed Circut Board

In printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, plasma technology can deliver higher uniformity and reproducibility than chemical or mechanical processes and help improve reliability. It is efficient,…



Nordson MARCH provides innovative plasma processes and equipment to meet specific application requirements of the medical device manufacturing industry. Nordson MARCH's plasma treatment delivers…

Plasma Polymer Deposition


Plasma processing for polymer deposition has numerous benefits for applications in the medical device, electronics, elastomers and many more industries. Deposition is used to apply thin films…

Surface Preparation

Surface Prep

Surface preparation through surface activation and contamination removal by plasma processing is widely used in industries such as the electronic device assembly, printed circuit board (PCB)…

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