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Corporate Sustainability

I. Nordson Corporate Sustainability Policy

Nordson Corporation is a responsible global citizen and is committed to conducting business in a manner consistent with the objectives of sustainable development, carefully balancing economic success with environmental stewardship and social progress. Sustainable development is a globally accepted approach to sustaining economic growth without harming our planet or exhausting its resources while improving the quality of life for current and future generations.

Nordson's sustainability policy is derived from its Corporate Philosophy, and as such, it reflects our commitment to creating balanced, long-term benefits for all our constituencies: customers, employees, shareholders and communities. Sustainability considerations are an integral part of Nordson's business practices. Throughout the organization we conduct business in a way that demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and the advancement of sustainable development.


Nordson's economic prosperity is a vital element of our stability - with implications for our key stakeholders who rely on Nordson's continued financial success. We have a responsibility to achieve balanced, long-term performance in order to deliver profits to all Nordson shareholders, ensure investment in new technologies and provide support to our local communities. In addition, we create benefits for our customers through a Package of Values®, which includes carefully engineered, durable products; strong service support; the backing of a well-established worldwide company with financial and technical strengths; and a corporate commitment to deliver what was promised. Our approach to economic prosperity considers not only financial outcomes, but the social and environmental effects of our business decisions.


We at Nordson are committed to being a clean and quiet neighbor, to reducing our carbon footprint and to continually improving our environmental performance. We will meet or exceed all applicable international, federal, state and local environmental regulations, monitor how our operations impact the environment and strive for continuous improvements. We will also research and invest in new technologies that enhance our efficiency and environmental performance in a manner that is feasible and practical for our business. In addition, we will educate, train and motivate employees to conduct business activities in an environmentally responsible manner not only in the workplace, but also at home.


Since our founding, Nordson has held the belief that business, as a corporate citizen, has a social responsibility to share its success with the communities in which it operates. Nordson is committed to providing annual monetary contributions to support charitable activities, particularly in communities where the company has major facilities. We also help our employees meet their changing personal needs by providing opportunities for self-fulfillment, growth, security, recognition and equitable compensation. We strive to provide genuine customer satisfaction by providing innovative products that are backed by people with a passion for superior service and support. As we move forward, we will continue to address our social responsibilities by monitoring the impact of our business on our plant neighbors, local communities and global society. We will seek active and open dialog with all stakeholders and strive for continuous improvement.

II. Nordson Sustainability Programs and Procedures

The following is a description of the various sustainability programs and procedures that are taking place throughout the organization. Although not all programs and procedures are enterprise-wide in scope, they are listed here to provide a complete overview of Nordson's management approach in regard to sustainable development. Nordson maintains certain programs and procedures based on specific geographic and market requirements. In some cases, these programs may not be appropriate for enterprise-wide implementation.


Nordson's management approach to economic responsibility includes specific goals in the following areas:

  • Organic growth - seizing new opportunities with existing products and markets
  • Maximizing efficiency - investing in technology and implementing proven business methods that maximize productivity
  • Expansion into New Markets - pursuing growth markets
  • Designing superior products - product line additions, engineering, research and development
  • Expansion through acquisition - acquisition of companies that can serve multinational industrial markets


Nordson's management approach to environmental responsibility includes specific goals in the following areas:

  • Facilities/Operations:
    Energy Use - Managing electricity and natural gas consumption at Nordson facilities is an integral part of our plan to reduce our carbon emissions footprint. Reducing electricity consumption also relieves the strain on local power grids and helps to protect Nordson's business operations against rising utility bills. Ongoing energy reduction programs include:
    • Retrofitting lighting with more efficient lamps
    • Turning off/turn down programs, motion sensors and automated shut off
    • Making temperature adjustments and using programmable thermostats to minimize HVAC operation
    • Using alternative energy sources where feasible
    • Turning off computers, monitors, printers, copiers and other drains on electric power when not in use
    • Using Energy Star rated devices
    • Utilizing power on demand for air compressors and other manufacturing equipment where feasible
    • Consolidating facilities to combine resources and use less energy where appropriate
  • Transportation:
    Nordson has undertaken an initiative to minimize travel between facility locations and thus reduce our fuel consumption. Nordson also encourages employees to choose alternate forms of transportation to work such as:
    • Vanpool/Carpool
    • Telecommute
    • Bicycles/Walking
    • Public Transportation
  • Water Use:
    Nordson has undertaken significant steps to use water resources wisely. Ongoing water conservation efforts include:
    • Using water efficient plumbing
    • Utilizing recycled water for outdoor irrigation
  • Waste and Recycling:
    Managing waste and reducing use of non-recyclable materials is an integral part of Nordson's environmental conservation efforts. Ongoing recycling and waste management programs include:
    • Using reusable crates
    • Utilizing dissolvable packing materials
    • Maintaining proper procedures for the disposal of hazardous waste
    • Disposing of adhesives, oils and other chemicals in an environmentally responsible manner
    • Purchase refurbished toner cartridges instead of new cartridges
    • Maintaining recycling and conservations programs for the following items:
      • Paper and cardboard
      • Electronic equipment and wasteMetals
      • Glass
      • Food and beverage containers
      • Used alcohol and acetone and other chemicals
  • Other Initiatives:
    Nordson has a number of other environmental programs underway including:
    • A corporate wide "Best Practices" initiative designed to ensure that good ideas which promote energy conservation, a clean environment, and a safe workplace are disseminated across businesses.
    • Educating, training, and motivating employees to conduct activities in an environmentally responsible manner, not only in the workplace, but also at home.
    • Advocating community involvement that encourages a positive environmental impact
  • Products:
    Nordson strives to keep its activities and its products environmentally sound. Four areas of particular attention are product and packaging design, materials, energy efficiency, and recycling.
    • Product and Packaging Design - Reducing the environmental impact of our products starts with the product design phase. Design dictates the quantity of raw materials as well as the type and recyclability of materials used. It also determines how much energy is consumed during manufacturing and product use. Nordson's commitment to produce products that enable its customers to do more while decreasing environmental impact is reflected by the following design goals:
      • To design new generations of equipment that allow customers to run higher throughput and yield
      • Increase precision allowing customers to use less material in their processes
      • To create new designs that use less energy and longer lifecycles
      • To design equipment with fewer parts
    • Materials - Nordson helps to safeguard the environment - as well as customer safety - by restricting the use of environmentally harmful compounds in our materials and manufacturing processes.
    • Energy Efficiency - A system's greatest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions comes from its consumption of energy over time. Nordson strives to optimize the energy efficiency of its equipment.
    • Recycling and Recovery - Nordson strives to enable the proper collection, recycling and recovery of discarded products.


Nordson's management approach to social responsibility includes specific goals in the following areas:

  • Community Investment:
    Nordson is committed to contributing approximately 5 percent of domestic pretax earnings to support charitable activities, particularly in communities where the company has major facilities. Nordson's Time 'n Talent Volunteer Program encourages volunteerism by providing all employees, retirees and their families' opportunities to plan and participate in organized volunteer activities which address needs in our communities.
  • Employee Relations:
    Complementing our business strategy is the objective to provide opportunities for employee self-fulfillment, growth, security, recognition and equitable compensation. This goal is met through Human Resources' facilitation of employee training and leadership training and the creation of on-the-job growth opportunities. The result is a highly qualified and professional management team capable of meeting corporate objectives.
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