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Plasma treatment can improve conformal coating adhesion in electronics manufacturing


Recent studies by Nordson MARCH reviewed the effects of plasma prior to conformal coating

Nordson MARCH announces that recent studies have shown that plasma treatment of printed circuit boards prior to conformal coating improves the adhesion of the coatings.

Conformal coating adhesion improved with conformal coating

It has been found that it is often difficult to apply adequate coating to some of the materials that meet strict environmental requirements, such as RoHS. Plasma treatment enhanced surface wettability, improving adhesion of the conformal coating to high-performance solder mask materials and other difficult-to-adhere-to substrates. In addition, the flow characteristics of the conformal coating material improved when the PCB was treated with plasma.

Additional challenges for conformal coating adhesion are contaminants such as mold release compounds and residual flux. Plasma treatment is an effective way to clean the boards in these cases, and plasma removes the contaminants without damaging the substrate.

To find out how plasma treatment can improve your conformal coating and dispensing operations, contact Nordson MARCH.

Or, download the white paper, Plasma Prior to Conformal Coating. Needs new link

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