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Anti-Static Tubing for Powder Coating Operations

Flexible, durable and wear resistant, Nordson anti-static powder tubing conveys powder with consistent flow and uses material science to support perfect cleaning.

Nordson’s anti-static powder tubing provides a consistent and stable flow for your powder coating application due to its special interior surface properties that enable maximum output volume using only a minimum of air.

The tubing is available in four ID sizes and all contain an internal copper wire that provides a positive path to ground to eliminate hose pinholing caused by friction charging.

Powder coaters benefit from:

  • Consistent powder flow.
  • High quality and fast color change by compressed air purge.
  • Less impact fusion and powder build up.
  • Elimination of pinholing, less maintenance and repair down time.
  • Tight radii arrangements without hose collapse or kinking.

Nordson anti-static tubing is used in applications such as :

  • Conveying powder from the pump to the manual or automatic spray gun.
  • Recycling powder from the spray booth to the Feed Center.
  • Transporting bulk volumes of powder from the manufacturers carton / box or drum to a hopper or Feed Center.

Four different hose internal diameters are available to suit your application:
  • Low flow : 0.39' ID (10mm) - part number 768177
  • Medium flow : 0.43' ID (11mm) - part number 768176
  • High flow : 0.5' ID (12.7mm) - part number 768178
  • Bulk transfer : 0.75' ID (19mm) - part number 1069787

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