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Model CP Pump

Vertically mounted, air-driven, dual-piston pump engineered specifically for container coating applications.

The Nordson Model CP (Constant Pressure) Pump is an air-driven pump for the application of container coating materials in both heated and unheated delivery systems. Developed specifically for the container industry, the demand-type, dual-piston CP Pump maintains constant fluid pressure throughout the pumping operation for superior overall performance necessary in high-speed can coating applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design facilitates quick replacement of air valve and hydraulic packing glands for easy on-line maintenance.
  • Dual reciprocating plungers provide constant hydraulic pressure throughout the pumping operation.
  • Vertical mounting eliminates the need for solvent chamber seals.
  • Stainless steel wetted parts provide corrosion resistance and allow use of a variety of coating materials.
  • Improved muffler configuration helps prevent the air valve from freezing.
  • Overlapping piston stroke design provides uniform and constant fluid pressure.
  • Simplified air valve design with color-coded repair parts to aid in field repair.
  • Plastic air accumulator minimizes hydraulic wink and will not fill with water or corrode.
  • Self-lubricated air motor and air valve provide long service life.
  • Air filter/regulator/lubricator module can be independently removed and replaced without disassembly of the entire unit to reduce downtime.
  • Polymer packing glands with hydraulic seals made of a self-lubricating material for increased wear resistance and reduced maintenance.
  • Pressure relief/lock out valve relieves hydraulic pressure safely and quickly for easy maintenance.