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Encore® PE-HD Automatic Spray Gun For Porcelain Enamel

The Encore PE-HD (porcelain enamel-high density, low velocity) Automatic Bar-Mount Gun for porcelain enamel powder incorporates the proven industry-leading designs and application performance of its predecessor, the Prodigy® PE Automatic Bar-Mount gun.

This innovative system solution includes state-of-the-art dense phase technology and advanced control offerings, providing you with superb operating efficiency and coating performance.  

  • Contoured gun profile prevents external powder build-up for fast cleaning.
  • Air-purge design promotes fast, easy cleaning, without gun disassembly.
  • Easy disassembly for routine cleaning and maintenance; completely field repairable.
  • Less wear and easier maintenance with straight-through powder path design.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket enables automatic gun positioning from 90-degrees up (from parallel to gun bar) to 90-degrees down, efficiently coating the tops and bottoms of parts.
  • Optional ion collector device draws excess ions from spraying zone for enhanced coverage and finish appearance.
  • A 100 kV voltage multiplier provide maximum first-pass transfer efficiency.