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Anti-Static Hose for Powder Coating

Flexible and durable anti-static powder hose from Nordson ensures consistent flow and superior cleaning properties for powder spray coating or bulk transfer.

Nordson’s anti-static powder tubing provides a consistent and stable flow for your powder coating application due to its advanced interior surface properties that enable maximum output volume.

The tubing is available in four ID sizes and all contain an internal copper wire that provides a positive path to ground to eliminate hose pinholing caused by friction charging.

Powder coaters benefit from:

  • Consistent powder flow.
  • High quality and fast color change by compressed air purge.
  • Less impact fusion and powder build up.
  • Elimination of pinholing, less maintenance and repair down time.
  • Tight radii arrangements without hose collapse or kinking.

Nordson anti-static tubing is used in applications such as :

  • Conveying powder from the pump to the manual or automatic spray gun.
  • Recycling powder from the spray booth to the Feed Center.
  • Transporting bulk volumes of powder from the manufacturers carton / box or drum to a hopper or Feed Center.

Four different hose internal diameters are available to suit your application:
  • Low flow : 0.39' ID (10mm) - part number 768177
  • Medium flow : 0.43' ID (11mm) - part number 768176
  • High flow : 0.5' ID (12.7mm) - part number 768178
  • Bulk transfer : 0.75' ID (19mm) - part number 1069787

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