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Nordson iDry® – ST Induction Heating System

Fast, Efficient Heating for Steel Tubing

The Nordson iDry induction heating system is designed to heat small-diameter welded tubing used in automotive fluid management systems.

Typical applications are to dry or cure coatings applied to the tube exterior, or to preheat the tube for polymer resin coatings. The Nordson iDry system allows for instant-ON and instant-OFF heating, and is applied only to the target component.

This represents fast and economically-efficient energy transfer, resulting in accurately heated parts at minimal operating costs.

System operation includes:

  • The ability to heat tubing to 500°–525°F (260°– 275°C) in three seconds.
  • A system of 4 or 5 modules (each 54" long) in series can provide a three second heating cycle at line speeds of 300 to 450 ft/min (90-135 m/min).
  • Total heating system length ranges from 10 to 27 feet (3.05 to 8.23 meters), depending upon the line speed and heating requirements.