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iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) System

The iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) module provides automatic, real-time process monitoring of critical operating parameters during can coating operations.

  • Monitors coating flow through the spray gun and nozzle, automatically alerting the operator of significant changes that may occur outside of a selected operating range
    • Monitored parameters include base pressure, spray pressure, spray duration, spray count, spray rate and gun open and close time
  • Relay contacts are provided to automatically shut-down the spray machine if a single “bad” can is detected
  • Can-In-Pocket (CIP) feature uses a customer-supplied proximity sensor to verify that a can is in the spray pocket before the spray gun fires, ensuring a timer signal is received for every can that is detected
  • Can counter maintains an ongoing record of the number of cycles per gun
  • Optional PC interface monitors multiple spray guns from a centralized location
  • Easy-to-use help screen assists with troubleshooting of the hydraulic system