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iTrax DataShare Module

Empower your PLC – Improve the quality and monitoring of your inside spray operation by connecting iTrax data to your PLC.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides enhanced integration and communication between your iTrax modules and PLC interface, resulting in greater efficiencies and productivity
  • iTrax data to share is selected by the end user
  • Examples include:
  • Process set-points and real-time readings
    (gun pressure, timing, etc.)
  • Warning / alarm configurations and events 
  • Easily integrated into QMS, email or plant automation systems
  • Allows for enhanced evaluation of system performance and possible improvements
  • Example: PLC can be configured to have email sent to specific recipients when iTrax alarms / warnings occur or when iTrax settings are changed
  • Configurable language, auto start-up and user-specific capabilities / security settings
  • Also includes utilities to conveniently back-up or restore iTrax software and settings