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Flow-Through-Felt Primer System

The Nordson Flow-Through-Felt System provides consistent, reliable application of clear and black primers for automotive glass bonding applications. The system offers complete, uniform coverage and optimum adhesion.

  • Felt spool applicator tool ensures consistent film build and repeatable location for dependable results and increased quality.
  • Automated process removes operator interaction with primer materials.
  • Bulk material supply monitors and circulates primer, as appropriate, to ensure consistent application and material integrity.
  • On-line detection verifies application and volume of primer dispensed.
  • Material recirculation and nitrogen blanket prevent material degradation.
  • Built-in compliance in the applicator head delivers thicker and superior film build.
  • User-friendly, touch-screen PLC interface provides for system set-up and adjustments, system status and complete system diagnostics.

System consists of clear and black primer dispensing systems, a reel-to-reel applicator tool, pneumatic valve pack and a system controller.