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Flow Coat™ Primer System

Automated film coating delivers accurate, uniform and repeatable primer application to automotive body flanges and glass.

The Nordson Flow Coat™ Primer System robotically applies material in a controlled, uniform film, rather than an atomized spray. The primer material is dispensed as a ribbon-like coating, virtually eliminating masking and the rework associated with atomized spray applications.

The system provides excellent pattern definition and placement while achieving film thicknesses of up to 8 mils in a single pass. The system has minimal dripping and can reduce material consumption dramatically compared to manual application methods.

  • Excellent edge definition without overspray is achieved because the primer material is not atomized. Masking and rework are virtually eliminated.
  • Variable pattern width is available with a wide range of nozzles to meet specific application requirements.
  • Compact, lightweight applicator tool is easy to install and service.
  • Material flow and application verification assures application of primer.
  • Re-circulation feature and nitrogen blanket help prevent material degradation. 
  • Patented dispensing technology - Flow Coat applies the primer to the substrate prior to the atomization point of the film. Material is directed under low pressure through a patented nozzle which produces a film pattern with edge definition of +/-1 mm. A variety of nozzles are available to meet application specific pattern widths.