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Model A16A Compact Inside Stripe Gun

Compact, modular spray gun for precise, high-speed application of protective coatings to inside seams of three-piece welded cans.

The Nordson model A16A compact inside stripe gun is a highspeed gun that applies a precise stripe of lacquer coating to the inside seam of three-piece welded cans. Triggered by a Nordson timer, the A16A gun provides positive on-off cycling and clean cut-off at speeds of up to 500 cans per minute. This modular gun provides accurate deposition control and increased production capability. For faster speeds, the A16A is well-suited for continuous spray with no gap between cans.

The gun’s compact size helps achieve precision striping of smaller-sized cans – with diameters as small as 1.38 in.(35 mm) – for maximum operating flexibility. Modular design of the A16A permits fast, easy replacement of worn parts without removal of the entire gun from the spray arm. Patented Cross-Cut® nozzles used with the A16A gun provide uniform film deposition at low fluid pressures and low flow rates, and also minimize bounceback and overspray for a cleaner operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size – for use with various sized cans as small as 1.38 in. (35 mm) in diameter.
  • Modular design – permits fast and easy installation and maintenance.
  • Precise film deposition – the A16A gun and Nordson nozzle provide a uniform stripe with superior accuracy, repeatability and control. Nordson has a wide range of nozzles available to meet the requirements for a variety of can sizes.