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Air-Assisted Airless Module for A7A Spray Gun

Achieve all the benefits of air-assisted airless spraying with an easy conversion of your existing Nordson A7A airless spray guns.

The A7A Air Assisted Airless Module can be installed in seconds by simply replacing the A7A nozzle and nozzle nut with the AAA module and connecting the air supply.  

  • Includes anair cap that accepts Nordson’s Cross-Cut® spray nozzles.
  • Easily converts back to airless spray -- just replace the AAA module with the A7A nozzle and nozzle nut


Benefits of Air-Assisted Airless Spray

  • Operation at lower fluid pressures
  • Pattern control of individual guns on the line
  • Ideal for catalyzed materials where heat cannot be used
  • Less air entrapment with waterborne coatings