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Plug and Spray Quick Color Change System

Save an average of 61% in total time spent per color change and up to 70% of powder material waste*.

A unique quick disconnect color change solution for your venturi pump manual coating system, that allows an operator to change up to 10 colors quickly and efficiently – ultimately saving you money while increasing your powder coating production.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce process time, wasted powder and hose wear with a smart solution to color change.
  • Organized ports and quick disconnect fittings provide the operator easy access for fast color change
  • Change up to 10 colors per panel using any organic powder material
  • The modular design enables the panel to fit into all types of manual systems, with a rail mount or wall mount bracket.
  • Guided assembly which significantly reduces operational error
  • Designed with high wear and impact fusion resistant materials

 Video Demonstration

System Schematic

Powder waste is reduced during a color change by purge cleaning only a short run of delivery hose from the cleaning manifold to the spray gun. This allows unused powder in the longer hoses back to the powder container to remain in place undisturbed, ready for use in the future.

 Plug And Spray Quick Color Change Schematic

* Savings were derived by calculating the difference in powder and time lost when clearing a 35 ft. (10.6m) hopper hose vs. clearing only a 12 ft. (3.6m) gun hose.