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Non-Loading kV Meter Testing Kit For Electrostatic Spray Guns

The Nordson Non-Loading kV Meter safely measures output voltage of electrostatic liquid or powder coating spray guns, ideal for troubleshooting, preventative maintenance or line audits. 

  • With an ultra-high internal impedance, it can measure power-supply output with virtually no current being conducted through it, ensuring safety in an industrial factory environment.
  • 100 giga ohm internal resistance conducts no more than 1 µA of current at 100 kV for precision measurement 
  • An accuracy of ±1% in the 0 to 200 kV range makes it ideal for system diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Securely grounded, ergonomic handle assures safe, easy operation
  • Durable, lightweight attaché case facilitates transportation and storage of unit