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Barcode Reader System

Nordson's Barcode Reader System ensures a match between the pump station and loading material to prevent accidental use of incorrect materials in automotive production processes.

The Barcode Reader System's simple two-barcode scanning process prevents the use of expired and/or incorrect material usage without adding any time to the container change process.

Logged data includes:

  • Material number*
  • Material batch*
  • Material expiration*
  • Pump station/number
  • Applicable faults
  • Date and time of container change
  • Operator information**

*Dependent on material supplier
**Available only during process override


  • Prevents accidental base and catalyst swapping, preventing costly cured pump issues
  • Provides operator and product safety by preventing the use of wrong material
  • Reduces downtime by eliminating issues from incorrect material in the pump
  • Increases cost savings by eliminating the need to clean out the pump after incorrect material loading
  • Provides plant flexibility with quick-connect cable


Compatible with:

  • All 5- and 55-Gallon Electric Rhino SD3/XD3 Unloaders
  • Most 5- and 5-Gallon Electric Rhino SD2/XD2 Unloaders