Industrial Coating Systems

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Accessory Kits and Auxiliary Equipment

Nordson Powder Coating Fluidized Feed Hoppers

Nordson offers a complete line of accessories and auxiliary equipment for powder coating, liquid painting and spraying and UV curing applications.  These include heaters, powder hoppers, gun…



Comprehensive range of applicators and spray guns to dispense powder coatings, liquid coatings, adhesives and sealants in industrial manufacturing applications. These include air assist airless and…

Automotive Assembly - Dispense Valves


Range of material dispense valves for automotive assembly processes, including RTV silicones, grease, mastics, plastisols, epoxies, weldable sealers, urethanes and weldable/expander sealers.

Bulk Delivery Systems

Rhino 55 Gallon Drum Bulk Unloader

Nordson offers a complete line of durable bulk unloaders that deliver superior flow properties in dispensing high-viscosity adhesive and sealant materials.

Meters & Metering Systems

Pro-Meter S PLC

Nordson meters and metering systems for the precision dispensing of sealants and adhesives in automotive assembly applications.

Automotive Primer Application Systems

FlowThroughFelt-sm Nordson primer application systems, suitable for glass bonding and hem flange applications in automotive assembly lines.

Can-End Induction Sterilizers


Nordson compact, energy-efficient sterilizing systems for steel can ends utilize patented medium frequency induction heating to sterilize simply, safely and efficiently with minimum operator…

Induction Dryers & Heaters


Range of compact and energy-efficient induction heating systems that dry or cure coatings, sealants and water-based can end compounds during food and beverage can manufacturing processes.

Lubrication Systems


Nordson lubrication systems are routinely used to apply defined and controllable beads of lubricant to both cans and tabs in the container industry.

Controllers & Control Systems

iControl Powder Coating Application Controller - Pedestal Mount

Nordson's engineered systems solutions include a full line of controls, from detection devices to flow and pressure monitoring for precise operating control. Our control systems allow users to adjust…

Gauges & Instruments

Fischer DUALSCOPE® and PERMASCOPE® MPOR Pocket Instruments

Nordson range of gauges and instruments for the efficient testing and optimization of electrostatic spray guns and powder coatings or liquid paint finishes.



Nordson offers an advanced line of manual and automated dispensing spray guns for powder coatings, liquid coatings, adhesives and sealants.

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