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Nordson provides unmatched expertise in automotive assembly processes with total system solutions for precision adhesive and sealant dispensing, powder coating and liquid painting. Our systems for the automotive and transportation industries bring production-proven technologies that OEM and Tier One manufacturers can trust.

Achieve production confidence with Nordson Dense-Phase Technology

Pinch Valve Case Study

To achieve the lowest per product cost an efficient powder coating system operates close to its capacity. As the productivity rates increase, so does the downtime cost. The Dense Phase technology from Nordson allows cost-conscious powder coaters to significantly reduce color change and maintenance downtime boosting profitability.

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Welco (Germany)  Automotive Job Coater | From manual to robotic coating processes

Welco Automotive Robot Powder Coating

Until recently, the coating solutions provider Welco coated motorcycle parts only manually. Now the company applies the primer or the base powder coat fully automatically in a new spray booth with two robots. These, together with a state-of-the-art dense phase application system, produce consistently high quality results and lead to a significant reduction in powder consumption.

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GIGA Coating (Germany) Truck manufacturer | Think big: powder coating of heavy load parts for trucks

GigaCoating Truck Powder Coating

Powder Coating System for parts of 15,80 x 2,70 x 1,50 m and 1,5 Mio m2 per year.

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Ground Effects, LLC (Canada) | Mullti-faceted supplier of quality interior and exterior automotive components.

Plural component coating system, including improved electrostatic applicators, slashes downtime, and paint and solvent usage in the application of a rust inhibitor coating.

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Liquid Application Case Study | Nordson Liquid Iso-Flo® Spray System Helps Relieve a Sticky Situation

Nordson Liquid Iso-Flo® Spray System Helps Relieve a Sticky Situation Electrostatic spraying of mold release agent delivers system payback in less than six months for a global automotive glass manufacturer.

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Areway Acquisition (Brooklyn, OH USA) | Single source supplier of finished forged and cast aluminum wheels

Powder Coating
From Ford F150 pickup trucks, and new Z28 Camaro, to Chrysler, GM and Ferrari – Areway finishes forged and cast aluminum wheels for many of the cars and trucks that you see on the road today.
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