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UV Curable Solventborne

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Modular A7A Spray Gun

Modular A7A Spray Gun The A7A modular automatic airless spray gun is a high-cycle, air operated spray gun for high-production painting, sealant, and adhesive applications.

NC-1 Driver

NC-1 Driver The Nordson NC-1 Driver is a stand-alone, single channel gun driver that can be used for two- or three-piece container spray applications using Nordson MEG-type spray guns.

NH-4 Heater

NH-4 Heater The NH-4 fluid heater reduces the viscosity of coating materials in heated airless and air spray systems without adding solvents.

Nozzles for Can Manufacturing

Nozzles for Can Manufacturing Nozzles for Can Manufacturing

NTS Series Conveyor

NTS Series Conveyor Nordson® NTS series conveyor is a versatile mesh belt type conveyor that can be used as either a bench top unit or a standalone curing module.

OptiMix™ I Plural Component Metering System

OptiMix™ I Plural Component Metering System The OptiMix™ I plural component system is an electronic mixing and proportioning unit for the processing of solvent and water-based paints

PermaFlo® Series Pumps

PermaFlo® Series Pumps Modular PermaFlo® Series pumps handle abrasive, higher solids coatings at a wide range of pressure and volume requirements

Prism Automatic Spray Guns

Prism Automatic Spray Guns Nordson Prism air-assisted airless (AAA ) and high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) automatic spray guns deliver superior reliability and finish quality in both circulating and non-circulating paint…

Pro-Meter® G Series Meter

Pro-Meter® G Series Meter The Pro-Meter® G system precisely dispenses urethanes, silicones, butyls and hot melts in automotive glass bonding and stamping applications.

Pro-Meter® S2K

Pro-Meter® S2K The Pro-Meter® S2K system controls dispense volumes, independent of viscosity changes in the material, in body shop sealing applications.

Quattro™ Automatic Airless Spray Guns

Quattro™ Automatic Airless Spray Guns Modular Quattro™ automatic spray guns provides fast color changes in high-production airless painting applications

RA-20 Rotary Atomizer Cups

RA-20 Rotary Atomizer Cups RA-20 atomizing cups provide operating flexibility

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