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Fluidized Feed Hoppers for Powder Coating

Fluidized Feed Hoppers for Powder Coating Fluidized stainless steel powder feed hoppers for use in powder coating spray applications,range of sizes available

Anti-Static Hose for Powder Coating

Anti-Static Hose for Powder Coating Flexible and durable anti-static powder hose provides consistent flow and superior cleaning properties for powder coating.

PowderGrid Plus Cartridge Filters

PowderGrid Plus Cartridge Filters Developed specifically for powder coating spray booth systems, Nordson PowderGrid Plus cartridge filters reduce powder waste, improve powder-booth performance and extend filter life.  

Encore nLighten LED Kit

Encore nLighten LED Kit A fast, convenient and safety-approved accessory that instantly adds the power of an LED light to the already impressive capabilities of the Encore manual gun range.

Powder Coating Thickness Gauge

Powder Coating Thickness Gauge Fischer powder coating thickness gauges provide portable, reliable solutions for the measurement of powder coatings.

Non-Loading kV Meter Testing Kit For Electrostatic Spray Guns

Non-Loading kV Meter Testing Kit For Electrostatic Spray Guns Nordson Non-Loading kV Meters measure output voltage of electrostatic liquid or powder coating paint spray guns with laboratory precision.

Bulk Powder Coating Feed System

Bulk Powder Coating Feed System The Nordson bulk powder coating material feed system supplies virgin powder directly from a fiber drum to a hopper/feeder in a continuous, efficient operation.

Pro-Meter S2K

Pro-Meter S2K The Pro-Meter S2K system controls dispense volumes, independent of viscosity changes in the material, in body shop sealing applications.

55-Gallon Rhino Bulk Unloader

55-Gallon Rhino Bulk Unloader For superior material flow properties and ease-of-operation when bulk dispensing high-viscosity adhesives and sealants in automotive assembly applications

Auto-Flo™ Dispensing Valves

Auto-Flo™ Dispensing Valves The Nordson Auto-Flo™ Valves provide accurate deposition and control for automotive applications requiring sharp material cut-off and uniform bead and spray patterns.

Controlled Pressure (CP) Gun

Controlled Pressure (CP) Gun The Nordson Controlled Pressure (CP) gun is specifically designed for robotic application of automotive adhesive and sealant materials.

2K Dispensing Valve

2K Dispensing Valve For mixing and dispensing two-component adhesive and sealant materials in extrude, stream and swirl patterns.

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