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A limited time special offer to upgrade to our best inside-spray technologies

Take advantage of a special upgrade offer today and save on our state-of-the-art can coating technologies:

Why upgrade?

  • Taking advantage of this special offer is your best opportunity to upgrade your existing Nordson can coating equipment to the latest technology - at an unbeatable price.


  • Save time and money with our latest technology - faster, more precise operating speeds, automatic spray monitoring, automated recipe selection, and electronically controlled nozzle cleaning.


  • Longer lasting components means less maintenance and lower costs.


  • Timely, accurate and up-to-date customer service on our latest technologies.


Take advantage of this special offer before it expires on April 30, 2019. Simply add your information to the form on the left and one of our representatives will be in-touch with you shortly.

Discover more about Nordson's Container products below:

MEG® Inside Spray Gun     NC1-Driver

Meg-II Inside Spray Gun NC-1 Driver

  • Fast response provides more open time for each spray cycle, enabling faster operating speeds and lower pressure.
  • No internal metal-to-metal friction for less wear, longer service life and cooler operations.
  • Online gun-module replacement speeds maintenance without moving gun position.
  • NC-1 Driver: Pair the Meg II with our stand-alone, single channel gun driver than can be used for two- or three-piece container applications and provides accurate timing control to 1 millisecond duration with +/- 0.05 millisecond accuracy

CleanSpray XT Recap Photo

CleanSpray XT Gun

  • Right-angle nozzle design directs spray for efficient and accurate cleaning
  • Soft-seat design improves durability and provides a drip-and-drool-proof nozzle cutoff
  • Precise mounting design facilitates production set-up, lacquer gun nozzle change and gun rebuild


iTrax System

  • Spray Controller (SC): precise, accurate timing controls and power electronics
  • Spray Monitor (SM): automatic, rreal-time monitoring of crucial spray gun operating parameters
  • Pressure Control (PRx II): automatic adjustment and control of spray pressure at each gun
Improved Performance Starts With The Best Tools
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