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New Nordson ColorMax® 2 Powder Coating System Provides Fast, Contamination-Free Color Change and Easy Cleaning for Improved Productivity


  • Contamination-free color change in under 10 minutes
  • Minimizes powder in process, keeping the booth cleaner and speeding color change
  • Accessibility to all powder contact surfaces for easy visual inspection and cleaning
  • Innovative booth canopy allows powder to be blown-off of the booth interior and guns with ease
  • More comprehensive factory preassembly – including a new pre-wired, pre-plumbed utility deck – that cuts installation time by one-third
  • Break-away powder cyclone technology enables the upper and lower sections to be disconnected for thorough cleaning

AMHERST, OH, May 24, 2013 – Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ-NDSN), a leader in liquid and powder coating technologies, introduces the ColorMax 2 engineered powder coating system.  The new, fully integrated system incorporates features that ensure fast, contamination-free color change, easy installation and trouble-free maintenance, allowing powder coaters to increase productivity and line efficiency.

“The ColorMax 2 system is the latest-generation of Nordson’s contamination-free, fast color change powder systems,” explains Bob Allsop, North American marketing manager for Nordson Powder Coating.  “We’ve incorporated features that are evolutionary – like the breakaway cyclone that takes our ‘if you can see it, you can clean it’ philosophy to the next level.  But, we’ve also added in many revolutionary features, including the ability to install and clean the booth more easily than ever before. 

“Minimizing powder in the booth – and making whatever powder remains easy to clean – is one of the keys to fast, contamination-free color change,” he says.

“If You Can See It, You Can Clean It”

With the ColorMax 2 system, all powder contact surfaces, including the innovative Nordson breakaway cyclone, are accessible for easy cleaning and visual inspection. The patent-pending dual cyclone enables the upper and lower sections to be disconnected for thorough cleaning. With most powders, the interior surface of the cyclone can be cleaned with just a compressed air wand. Splitting the upper and lower cyclone sections helps make this easier and more effective.  With the breakaway cyclone, you can actually “see, clean and touch” the entire interior surface to make absolutely certain it is clean.

In addition, the ColorMax 2 booth features a non-conductive canopy for minimal powder attraction and retention.  Constructed with patented Apogee® composite material, the booth’s is designed for minimal powder in process and faster color change.  Less attraction also means less powder to clean during color change and easier removal of the powder from the canopy using only compressed air. The stainless steel booth floor provides maximum durability and grounding of operators during cleaning for safety.

Other features that minimize powder build-up and speed color change include:

  • AeroWash™ Base Cleaning System – with air knives that use compressed air to periodically remove settled powder from the booth floor
  • AeroDeck™ Air Distribution System – this high velocity air stream keeps airborne powder from the AeroWash air knives moving to the cyclone
  • Automatic gun cleaning – high pressure air knives are provide automated cleaning of the gun exterior, eliminating disassembly and manual labor

Other Integrated Components Provide High Efficiency and Productivity

As a fully integrated, engineered solution, the ColorMax 2 system also features Nordson technologies to ensure system efficiency, including the iControl® 2 integrated control system, Prodigy® HDLV technology, Encore®  feed center and in-line pump, and Encore® manual and automatic guns.  The system also incorporates a higher level of factory preassembly, including a new pre-wired, pre-plumbed utility deck that significantly cuts installation time.

  • iControl system – provides up to 255 user-configurable presets for part identification and in/out positioning of reciprocators and oscillators, as well as speed and stroke of reciprocators.
  • Encore powder feed center – can accommodate up to 27 pumps and incorporates an innovative vibratory sieve with deck screen that helps to eliminate any potential contaminants from both virgin and reclaimed powder sources.
  • Prodigy HDLV technology – the transfer pump continuously evacuates powder from the twin cyclone resulting in maximum efficiency and minimal powder in process.
  • Encore manual and automatic guns – provide high transfer efficiency and consistent coating quality.

“The fully integrated design of the ColorMax 2 system substantially reduces downtime and material waste for improved productivity,” says Allsop.  “With superior operating flexibility, powder coaters can easily manage a broad range of colors, as well as both short and long runs to fit lean production schedules. As a result, manufacturers achieve maximum productivity with minimum downtime.”

For more information on the ColorMax 2 system or other Nordson powder coating technologies, visit or contact Bob Allsop at 440.985.4459/

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