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Nordson's wide range of controllers and control systems ensure that the right amount of powder, liquid, adhesive or sealant material is dispensed.

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Process Sentry™ PLC System Controller

Process Sentry™ PLC System Controller Precise monitoring and control of all adhesive and sealant dispensing processes during automotive assembly applications 

Advanced Induction BR-1 Controller

Advanced Induction BR-1 Controller The BR-1 conroller is an advanced induction controller that provides easy retrofit and enhanced features for Nordson advanced induction dryers and sterilizers.

Encore® Engage Powder Coating Controller

Encore® Engage Powder Coating Controller Nordson’s Encore® Engage Powder Coating System Controller transforms the user experience. Encore Engage’s completely reimagined controller interface delivers easy navigation and enables industrial…

Encore® Modular Gun Control System

Encore® Modular Gun Control System The Encore® Modular Gun Control System is all digital and easy-to-use – for reliable and repeatable performance in automatic powder coating operations.

iControl® Integrated Control System

iControl® Integrated Control System The iControl® Integrated Control System has closed-loop digital flow for consistent, repeatable coating performance.

iTrax® DataShare Module

iTrax® DataShare Module Empower your PLC – Improve the quality and monitoring of your inside spray operation by connecting iTrax data to your PLC.

iTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring System

iTrax® Integrated Process Control and Monitoring System Nordson’s iTrax® System incorporates spray monitoring, timing control and spray pressure control of the can manufacturing line into one integrated system.

iTrax® Pressure Control (PRx) Module

iTrax® Pressure Control (PRx) Module The iTrax® Pressure Control module (PRx) provides a programmable recipe capability for automatic spray pressure adjustment, plus monitoring of spin speed, lacquer temperature and can-in-pocket for…

iTrax® Spray Controller (SC) Module

iTrax® Spray Controller (SC) Module The iTrax® Spray Control (SC) Module provides precise, accurate timing controls and power electronics for operating Nordson MEG-type spray guns on your container manufacturing line.

iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) System

iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) System The iTrax® Spray Monitor (SM) module provides automatic, real-time process monitoring of critical operating parameters during can coating operations.

NC-1 Driver

NC-1 Driver The Nordson NC-1 Driver is a stand-alone, single channel gun driver that can be used for two- or three-piece container spray applications using Nordson MEG-type spray guns.

PowderPilot HD Application Controller

PowderPilot HD Application Controller PowderPilot™ HD provides flexible programming and full control of the Spectrum® HD powder feed centre.

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