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Wood and Medium Density Fiberboard

Low-cure temperature and UV-curable powder coatings offer a durable, attractive and economical alternative to liquid paints and laminates for finishing wood and MDF (medium density fiberboard), and other heat-sensitive products and substrates.

For manufacturers of MDF products, such as cabinetry, molding, windows and doors, and shelving, UV curing can bring a wide range of operating efficiencies and improved product performance.


Unmatched design flexibility

Unlike laminates, UV-curable coatings are spray-applied for excellent coverage of part contours. Designs are not affected by inherent limitations of the lamination process.


One-step, seamless finishing process

UV-curable coatings are applied and cured in a single pass for excellent manufacturing productivity. Plus, the coating is seamless for complete coverage across the part.


Improved total-process economies

The benefits of UV-cured finishes deliver economic advantages of improved productivity, elimination of VOC emissions, and less energy costs.