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Can and Container Manufacturing

In rim coat applications, UV materials provide a more durable rim covering, enhancing can mobility and increasing productivity.

Further, a compact ultraviolet curing system consumes 25 percent less energy than alternative UV rim curing technologies.

The Nordson UV curing system for rim coating incorporates an innovative lamp design that cures can rims simply, quickly and efficiently. The system’s lamps convert nearly 93 percent of the energy consumed into usable power, making the Nordson system 25 percent more energy efficient than competitive technologies.

In addition to rim coating, the Nordson UV curing system can also be used to cure chime coating on steel cans. UV coating at the chime provides added durability and protection from rusting.

Benefits of Ultraviolet-Curable Coatings

  • UV coatings are 100 percent solids content compared to 35 to 50 percent in conventional coatings
  • Whether applied with a roller or spray application, UV materials provide a thicker film build to protect the can rim
  • UV coatings are more durable, providing better adhesion and reducing the risk of material deteriorating during production and transport
  • UV coatings offer a greater slip coefficient, for better lubricity through the track work, minimizing costly jams
  • Enhanced lubricity provides greater mobility, potentially improving productivity on filling lines as much as 25 percent