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Automotive Lens and Reflector Coatings

Ultraviolet-curable hard coat materials are typically applied to lenses by spray application or curtain coating. These materials must be applied at a uniform thickness and cured uniformly to prevent the coating from changing the optical properties of the lens.

UV materials are also applied to automotive reflector bodies to prime and level the plastic prior to the metallizing of the reflector.

The UV-curable primer is applied with drip coating, spray or curtain coating. The coating may contain an organic solvent to reduce the viscosity and assist with flow-out.

Advantages of UV Curing of Lens and Reflector Coatings

  • Coatings contain zero or reduce solvents, as well as condensates
  • Reduce VOC emissions with more efficient use of curing energy
  • Cost reductions for capital equipment investment, required maintenance and curing energy used, compared to conventional coatings
  • Increases material performance and improves quality
  • Requires less floor space
  • Reduces spoilage