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Sealant and Adhesive Systems

Nordson SEALANT EQUIPMENT manufactures precision dispensing systems for product assembly using adhesive and sealant materials

Our systems dispense a wide variety of 1-part and 2-part materials such as epoxy, urethane, silicone and acrylic. Engineered systems are available for bonding, sealing, encapsulating, gasketing and potting applications in manual and robotic processes.

The Company
Sealant Equipment & Engineering was founded in 1967 by Carl Schultz. The company continues to be a pioneer in the development of precision Adhesive Dispense Systems and Dispense Valves for dispensing 1-part and 2-part adhesives, sealants and lubricants for the global product assembly industry. Sealant Equipment & Engineering was acquired in 2012 by Nordson Corporation as part of their Industrial Coatings Systems segment to add focus to General Industry and Automotive Paint Shop customers and applications worldwide.

Worldwide Industries Served
Aerospace and Aircraft, Appliance, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Filters, Medical, Recreational, Telecommunications, Tier-1 Supplier, Truck and Bus.

Sealant Equipment & Engineer manufactures technologically advanced as well as small-budget fluid dispensing systems for small to Fortune 500 companies.

Customer Focused Processes
Standard and custom designed dispensing systems for robotic, automated, semi-automated, and manual product assembly up through fully engineered tooling, dressed-out and bead-path programmed 6-axis vision robot systems.

Customer Focused Dispensing Applications
Bonding, Casting, Coating, Dispensing, Doming, Encapsulating, Filling, Foaming, Gasketing, Infusion, Laminating, Lubricating, Molding, Potting, Sealing, Winding.

Industry Leadership
Sealant Equipment & Engineering offers for its customers all eight Metering Principle technologies in over 25 metering system models, top-rated installation and service technicians, an industry leading 2-year warranty and a Technical Center with the latest engineering design and modeling software. We partner with material suppliers and automation integrators to select and provide the right dispensing system technology to meet customer requirements, provide customer demonstrations and are ISO 9001certified for quality.

Our Acquisition
Michael Hilton-Nordson President and CEO, comments on Sealant Equipment & Engineering’s Acquisition: “Sealant Equipment & Engineering is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of meter, mix and dispense equipment and valves which apply 1-part and 2-part sealant and adhesive materials. These cold material solutions are highly complementary to our existing offering in this area. We see significant opportunities to leverage Nordson’s global infrastructure to grow the business beyond its current, largely North American footprint.”