Industrial Coating Systems

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The challenge for improvement is a constant when manufacturing components for the automotive industry. And with it comes the need to deliver high-performance products that consistently meet the industry’s demanding specifications, while maintaining your own profitability.

Nordson is one of the world’s largest suppliers of powder application equipment. From relatively simple manual systems to those that are more sophisticated and automated, our technologies are used to coat aluminum and steel wheels, springs, brake pads, truck and bus frames, and trim.  We offer a variety of systems to help you save on material costs, achieve better process control and improve product quality, including:

  • Multiple booths for wheel applications with powder primer coat, powder color coat and powder clear coat
  • Booths that easily accommodate COE (chain-on edge) conveyor lines for both wheels and oil filters with the conveyor carrying parts on spindles as they rotate through the powder booth
  • Flatline applications for brake pads with multiple lanes passing through the same booth
  • Quick, contamination-free color change
  • High transfer efficiency to reduce powder reclaim
  • Reduced film build variation for springs, allowing you to meet minimum thickness specifications without material waste
  • True, closed loop digital flow control for consistent, repeatable application