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Efficient Application Of Release-Agent In Molding Processes

Nordson provides solutions for the application of mold release-agents in manufacturing environments that use molding processes. Our equipment increases production efficiency and safety, and reduces material consumption by at least 25%.

Application of a mold release-agent provides the critical barrier between a tooling surface and the materials used to build up a part laminate, enabling separation of the cured part from the mold during production.

Nordson pioneered the electrostatic application of release agent, applied to a mold either manually or as an automated process. Our solution is ideal for many automotive industry applications such as the manufacture of car interior seating, sunroofs, steering wheels, and acoustic headliners and flooring, but can be used for many other mold applications, too.

Benefits of a Nordson mold release-agent application include:

  • Electrostatic application – provides higher transfer efficiency and material savings of at least 25% through uniform coating of the mold and reduced overspray.
  • Reduced mold maintenance - an electrostatically applied, consistently uniform application of the mold release-agent reduces manual and painstaking cleaning that causes production downtime.
  • Cleaner plant environment - reduced overspray makes for a cleaner and safer workplace.

Nordson offers a range of solutions to meet nearly any mold-release need:

  • Manual processes – We offer the Iso-Flo® Electrostatic Dolly System for waterborne materials and the Trilogy® Electrostatic Dolly System for solvent-based materials. These mobile, versatile and highly durable systems are simple 'plug and spray' solutions – you can begin spraying almost immediately.
  • Automatic processes – Our engineered system solutions can be designed to meet almost any application need.


Contact a Nordson application specialist today to learn more about improving your molding process.

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