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Liquid Engineered Systems Capabilities

Since the 1950's, we've provided a wide range of painting equipment to meet virtually any need - from simple manual systems to more sophisticated automated configurations. With electrostatic, non-electrostatic and rotary atomizer systems available, our experts design solutions that provide the highest level of coating performance with a range of materials.

Industrial Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

In manufacturing, the challenge for improvement is a constant. That’s in addition to the ever-present demand to deliver products that meet the industry’s performance specifications, while maintaining your own profitability.

Nordson’s products and systems integrate easily into your existing systems, or can be assimilated into a brand new manufacturing operation. Our engineered system solutions are designed so you will benefit from increased productivity, reduced material usage and improved product performance.

Whatever your requirement, our technology and expertise can help you achieve the speed and precision you require on your finishing line.

Paint Supply and Feed

Waterborne  ISO-FLO-HD-sm

For many finishing operations, the most cost-effective way to reduce VOC emissions is to convert from solvent-based to waterborne coatings. But due to the higher electrical conductivity of waterborne coatings, it’s necessary to isolate the charged paint-supply system from any ground source. These isolated systems are difficult to maintain and potentially dangerous to plant personnel. Iso-Flo®, our proven liquid technology, offers an easier, safer and far more cost-effective way to spray electrostatically charged waterborne coatings. Here’s how it keeps you coating safely:

  • Iso-Flo HD manual or automatic voltage block is connected between the grounded paint-supply system and the spray devices.
  • Coating is pumped from the paint-supply system to paint reservoirs inside the voltage blocks.
  • Electrostatic isolation is maintained with a series of shuttle valves that alternately connect the reservoirs to the grounded paint supply and the spray devices. 


Plural Component optimixI-sm


OptiMix™ I, our plural component technology, allows the exact metering and mixing of material at both high and low pressures. This highly versatile technology can accommodate a variety of spray technologies, including airless, air assist airless, air spray, HVLP (high volume, low pressure), LVLP (low volume, low pressure) and electrostatics such as the Trilogy Manual Electrostatic spray gun. It also enables the rapid change of up to 10 different base and catalyst materials for quick color or coating chemistry change.

  • Processes both solvent and water based paints for application versatility.
  • Dynamic dosing provides a complete mix of base and catalyst components.
  • 3625 psi (250 bar) pressure rating.
  • Controlled measurement provides precise ratio verification.



Electrostatic Guns TrilogyElectrostaticGuns-sm

Nordson Trilogy® electrostatic spray systems are designed with coating versatility in mind. Featuring two atomization technologies (air spray and high volume, low pressure (HVLP)), the systems deliver superior application performance with a variety of substrates, coatings and part profiles.

Non-Electrostatic Guns TrilogyAAAManual-sm TrilogyAS-LP-QC-sm A7A-autoamatic-sm Quattro-gun-sm

Trilogy non-electrostatic manual and automatic spray guns use air assist airless, air spray and low-volume/low-pressure technologies. Quick-Clip technology provides fast and easy removal and installation of the needle without changing the gun settings, with stainless steel nozzle and needle combinations throughout the range and fast exchange and adjustment of air cap with a simple 1/4 turn of the retaining ring.

The Nordson A7A Automatic Airless Spray Gun is a high-cycle, air-operated, airless spray gun designed for general finishing and ultra-high speed applications using solventborne or waterborne coatings or sealants. The Quattro™ Automatic Airless Spray Gun is the modular version of the model with four gun modules supplying one manifold and nozzle for fast color changes.

Rotary RA-20-sm

The RA-20 rotary atomizer is an electrostatic spray device incorporating an air-powered turbine. It can apply most solvent, waterborne, UV and plural component coating materials, including high solids and metallics.

Ideal for close-in painting with high transfer efficiency and superior penetration into part recesses, its outstanding atomization delivers fine finishes and precise film-build control. Excellent fan pattern control and adjustability (from 8 to 42 inches) significantly reduces overspray to reduce paint waste.

Nozzles Liquid Nozzles

Nordson Cross-Cut® nozzles atomize materials at lower pressures, producing a softer more controllable spray of up to 70cm with minimal overspray and bounceback. They can also easily handle a wide range of materials, including highly viscous and difficult-to-atomize coatings, thanks to a design that’s proven to be less prone to plugging.

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