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Two Piece

Thanks to much advancement in technology and equipment over the past decade,  metal cans have become the best choice for packaging foods and beverages. Nordson is a pioneer in inside spray technologies for two-piece cans, helping manufacturers reduce material and labor costs, increase productivity and enhance operational efficiency.


Nordson offers a complete range of equipment for two-piece can manufacturing -- from basic gun, pump and hose configurations to more complex systems.  With decades of experience, our team can provide the best solution for your application, operation and budget.  Our systems provide:

  • Spray pressure control -- improve consistency and enable the use of lower spray pressure for less waste
  • Consistent coating temperature -- equipment that has both heating and cooling capability in one unit provides better control of viscosity and flow, reduces problems caused by hot cans, and eases the application of low-VOC or non-epoxy lacquers
  • Fast and repeatable spray guns -- incorporating the best in response time, repeatability and synchronization with can rotation speed
  • Nozzle accuracy -- flat spray, controlled pattern and cSelect™ nozzles are among the many types manufactured to very exacting tolerances for specific can sizes.
  • Process monitoring -- quickly detects any process issues for immediate correction