Industrial Coating Systems

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Nordson systems are ideal for applications in glass bottle manufacturing, helping to reduce costs, ensure consistency, and create new market opportunities for glass bottle makers. 

Nordson systems are used to apply decorative or functional coatings to finished bottles and containers as well as for the automatic application of lubricants during production. Our systems provide significant costs savings for glass container manufacturers who produce bottles with clear non-pigmented or colored glass, coating the containers to meet their brand specifications.  

  • Decorative coatings, which are UV-curable, can be uniformly dispensed onto the container, and use a fraction of the energy needed to cure conventional coatings
  • Coatings can be done on a "batch" or as-needed basis, which greatly improves operating efficiency and reduces production and inventory costs.
  • Lubricants can be sprayed on glass bottle molds, replacing labor-intensive manual processes.  
  • Accuracy and consistency is provided when using Nordson systems for glass container coating
  • By reducing material and scrap costs, a fast return on investment is achieved