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Compound application and score repair play an integral role in the production of quality finished can ends. Nordson offers complete line of dispensing and curing equipment to meet your unique application needs with speed and efficiency.


Nordson equipment applies and dries can end-lining compounds.  We provide a wide range of solutions that will help you reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance product quality.  These include:

  • High-speed accurate spray guns and nozzles  used in a variety of machines to apply protective coatings to the score area
  • Electro-pneumatic can end-lining guns apply sealant compounds to can ends
  • Compact, energy efficient induction-heating system for drying water-based end compounds.
  • Heats only the can end, not the air around it, for faster, more complete drying and energy efficiency.
  • Consumes more than 50 percent less energy than conventional dryers.