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Paint Shop Applications

With nearly 60 years of engineered systems experience, automotive manufacturers worldwide rely on Nordson to precisely apply adhesives and sealants used in paint shop applications.

Materials used in the paint shop are typically more robust and commonly abrasive, resulting in Nordson providing specifically designed equipment to create long-term, high-efficiency results.

Interior and Underbody Seam, Hem-Flange, and Roof-Ditch Sealing: The Rhino Bulk Unloader is used to push PVC material from containers to double-acting meters called Integrated Servo Dispensers (ISD). The ISDs are attached at the base of the robot and provide continuous flow of the PVC material to various applicators depending on the needed seal.

  • Smart Gun Applicators are used for interior and underbody seam sealing to allow full robot motion without binding hoses as it points and aims three material nozzles to achieve desired coverage in a short span of time.
  • Hem Flange Compliance Tools are used in hem-flange sealing to apply ribbons or streams of PVC material onto the door hem with the vehicle door only partially open, reducing the need for extra robots and robotic motion to open doors.
  • Kiss Valves are used in roof-ditch sealing to apply the material with a special nozzle to ensure no wrinkles are developed during the dispense.


Sound Deadening: The Rhino Bulk Unloader supplies LASD (liquid-applied sound dampener) to a Robot-Integrated Pneumatic System (IPS), which develops and maintains dispense pressure between 1000 to 2000 psi. The material is ported through one of many different applicators depending on the desired pattern.

  • Multi-Stream Applicators (MSA) develop large, corn-row-like patches that work best to cancel noise.
  • Wedge Applicators create extremely wide ribbons that have prevalent wrinkles.
  • Slot Nozzle Applicators create smooth patches.


Body-Side Anti-Chip: The Rhino Bulk Unloader unloads anti-chip epoxy from bulk packaging and pushes the material toward an IPS meter. The IPS delivers the material to the applicator at a constant pressure, ensuring there's no fluctuation. The applicator is normally an airless spray Kiss Valve and can be accompanied by a vehicle-specific material shield and reclaiming tray.