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Glass Bonding Urethane

Nordson is one of the world’s largest suppliers of precision dispensing technologies for automotive glass bonding applications. Our engineered system solutions are deliver speed, material savings and enhanced product quality – offering a lower total cost of ownership and speedy return on investment.

Glass bonding for automotive OEMs and tier one automotive and sunroof applications is a multi-step process that requires consistency and reliability in each segment. Primers or activators may be applied to the glass prior to encapsulation or prior to the application of urethane, if being bonded to a substrate. Primers may also be applied to the substrate prior to bonding to the glass. It is critical that all materials are applied accurately to ensure product quality.

We have automated system solutions for each step of the glass bonding process – primer and adhesive – to meet all your application requirements.  Nordson applies decades of application expertise to bring you glass bonding systems that offer:

  • Multiple size meters to meet specific application requirements
  • A variety of ambient, electrically heated and temperature conditioned systems
  • Accurate deposition and control
  • Consistent part quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance and material costs
  • Consistent film builds that meet material supplier film build requirements
  • Circulating systems that work with filled materials