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Automated adhesive and sealant dispensing systems for powertrain gasketing applications provide repeatable, accurate performance.

Power train components use a compression gasket to form a permanent seal that is impervious to internally held fluids and to protect components from outside contaminants.  Nordson automated systems allow manufacturers to robotically apply form-in-place or cure-in-place compression gaskets directly to the part, eliminating manual application. We offer a wide range of solutions for power train assembly to meet most any application requirement.By replacing manual applications with proven systems from Nordson, you'll benefit from:

  • Fast, repeatable gasket dispensing
  • Accurate deposition and control
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced material costs
  • Consistent part quality
  • The flexiblity to handle today’s most advanced power train gasketing materials, including UV-cure silicones, moisturecure silicones and UV/moisture-cure silicones
  • Applications that include water pumps, oil pans, radiators, timing covers, transmission components and rocker arm covers