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Final Assembly and Glass Application

Nordson's suite of precision dispensing products cater to the full range of final assembly applications, including glass priming and bonding and automotive lighting.

Our priming units, bulk unloaders, meters, and dispense valves keep final assembly applications running efficiently and safely.

Glass Priming: The priming of windshields, rear windows, and fixed quarter panels of windows is done in fast succession to ensure no debris or containment is removed. Nordson provides a pressure tank to contain the priming material, and then pressurizes the glass priming material to a Flow-Through Felt Primer Unit attached to a robot. The Flow-Through Felt priming unit has a reel of specifically designed priming felt; once a section of felt is used, the felt reel indexes and introduces a new, unsoiled patch of felt to ensure it's always fresh and the primer is hitting the glass appropriately.

Glass Bonding: Urethane materials for glass bonding are extremely thick and cure rapidly once exposed to the moisture in the air. Moving these materials from bulk packaging is difficult, and dispensing them at high speeds is necessary to guarantee curing doesn't happen at the bead start while finishing the previous bead. Nordson's Rhino Bulk Unloader can generate up to 5,000 psi on the thick urethane material and deliver it to the Pro-Meter G. The Pro-Meter G is a gear meter that offers high torque and RPMs, ensuring material is delivered through the non-restrictive, high-flow CE20 dispense valve.

Automotive Lighting: With multiple lighting fixtures on each vehicle, the production speed for fixtures is much faster than that of vehicles, generally requiring the left- and right-side units to be manufactured every 30 seconds or less. Nordson offers shot meters, such as the Pro-Meter S PLC, and continuous flow meters, like the Pro-Meter G. Exterior lighting also requires a perfectly placed and long-lasting bonding seal to keep environmental debris and moisture from entering the head or tail lamps throughout the entire vehicle life. Nordson's high-pressure and high-flow Rhino Bulk Unloader can move large volumes or material to a Pro-Meter G to dispense the one- or two-component materials in a continuous flow, only breaking when the robot changes from part to part. Auto-Flo II or CE20 dispense valves can be used as applicators, depending on the required gasket or seal size.