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The Complete Dispensing System for Automotive Assembly

Comprised of the Pro-Meter S PLC, Process Sentry PLC System Controller, and Rhino SD3/XD3 Bulk Unloaders, Nordson's full product suite provides unsurpassed levels of productivity, accuracy, simplicity, speed, and durability in automotive assembly processes.

Automotive Systems Group - Complete Dispensing System

  1. Process Sentry PLC System Controller: a compact PLC-based controller with a user-friendly 10-inch touchscreen to control and monitor all elements of the dispensing process, from bulk supply, to meters, valves, and vision systems.
  2. Rhino SD3/XD3 Bulk Unloader: heavy-duty Rhino unloaders offer noticeable reductions in required maintenance to the hydraulic section, automatic changeover functionality, and a low-risk plunger seal design.
  3. Pro-Meter S PLC: ideal for dispensing all materials in all applications, featuring positive rod displacement technology, and unmatched versatility, durability, and precision.
  4. Valve Range: Industry-leading range of dispense valves for automotive assembly applications, designed for all material types, viscosities, flow rates, and nozzle capabilities.