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Body Shop Applications

Our full range of automotive body shop application solutions cater to any dispensing and assembly process in the creation of a vehicle's frame, and internal and external components, both structural and cosmetic.

Learn more about our specific body shop dispensing applications:

Automotive Structure Applications

Automotive Closure Applications

Our expertise and experience in body shop applications allow us to solve an array of dispensing challenges, such as:

Part Complexity: Parts within the body shop are of many different angles and geometries where the sealing material bead would normally be placed with high precision.

Nordson Solution: Nordson has a wide range of dispense valves for material application. The Auto-Flo II dispense valve line allows for nozzles of different lengths and orifice sizes to be utilized, all the while promoting simpler robotic programming capable of different angles and elevation changes.

Process Throughput:
Automobiles must be manufactured at a specific rate, which in turn dictates the amount of time each component can spend in each cell. As each assembly plant strives for efficiency, part-to-part processing times are decreasing. Laying adhesives and sealants in place takes time, and speeding up a robot can compromise quality.

Nordson Solution: Nordson's ability to keep up with the forever-increasing demands of throughput starts with the system selection. The Process Sentry PLC System Controller offers a unique dispensing program that detects when robot speed is increased and makes an adjustment to the flow rate of the material, resulting in a consistent bead.